Netapp. Opening the export policy of the SVM root volume

You must add a rule to the default export policy to allow all clients access through NFSv3. Without such a rule, all NFS clients are denied access to the Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) and its volumes.


  1. In the navigation pane, select the SVM and click Policies > Export Policies.
  2. Select the export policy named default, which is applied to the SVM root volume.
  3. In the lower pane, click Add.
  4. In the Create Export Rule dialog box, create a rule that opens access to all clients for NFS clients:
    1. In the Client Specification field, enter so that the rule applies to all clients.
    2. Retain the default value as 1 for the rule index.
    3. Select NFSv3.
    4. Clear all the check boxes except the UNIX check box under Read-Only.
    5. Click OK.


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